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C-Design and test for many years, Zhang Bao finally put into production. With the market of car keys copy instrument is different, with palm sized compact design with characteristics of multi functions in a body, it is impossible for other similar products. The design idea of the palm sized is born for the locksmith, you can design a so small palm sized, depends entirely on the engineers' research and development ability, both from the circuit design, design and development or the appearance of software, have devoted a lot of effort. Each factory PDA, must go through strict testing, to ensure every user to palm treasure are qualified products.

Compared with similar products on the market, easypro without external power, without external copy boxes and other equipment, simple and quick operation, compact body can be put into the pocket, portable machine. Each time it is full of electricity, it can copy hundreds of times of uninterrupted power. If necessary, it can also use the mobile power charge power supply, and the design is reasonable.

The main function of handheld devices include: 4D, 46, 48 chip to read and write, 4D, copy of identification; 46 chip remote control; frequency detection; 4D type chip generation, including 61/62/63/65/67/68/6A/6B/71; copy of some models of the 48 chip, you can use the T5 copy 11 chip 12 chip 13 chip. Special chip can copy 4C chip. Support the identification of 11/12/13/40/44/46/47/4C/48/61/62/63/64/65/67/68/6A/6B/70/71/72G/83/8A and other commonly used chip; 48 types of chip generation, including Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Jetta; you can use the T5577 and EM4305 copy 13 chip. Online upgrade easypro support means that users buy not only die products, each version of the update will bring new experience to the user.

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